Learn graphic design

Forge your design journey to achieve your goals.

Harness the power of visual communication

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You want to turn ideas into reality through design…

But navigating where to start learning can be overwhelming

Gaps in knowledge and/or skill can be frustrating

That's why you need a simple, repeatable framework to learn and implement your way to growth

To create with purpose, you need to:

Learn graphic design

Building Blocks of Graphic Design

When it comes to learning graphic design, what does it take? Where do you start? Download this free resource to understand what you need to be a successful designer.


Start with the Fundamentals

Join other curious creatives to discover what it takes to learn and apply graphic design in this introductory course.

Graphic Design Fundamentals

The Ultimate
Beginner's Course

Go from an overwhelmed beginner to confidently kick-starting your graphic design journey with this self-guided course. You’ll learn:

  • Design principles
  • Brand and business
  • Career options
  • The design process
  • File resolution and formats
  • Software to use
  • How to make your first design


an awesome community of doers

Grow your design skills with intention. The key to feeling confident about your design skills is consistency—through continuous learning and action. As a member of Awesome Design Academy, you’ll engage in foundational learning, practice what you learn (doing), and engage in candid dialogue to help you give and receive feedback along your design journey.


Build your skills

Get continuous access to the Graphic Design Fundamentals: The Ultimate Beginner’s Course + more courses and programs to build your skills and portfolio.


Practice makes…

Practice makes proficiency. With learning comes action, and great designers are made with action.


Engage with others

Creating in a silo can stifle growth. You need feedback and inspiration from other designers. Partake in candid conversations with other learners and get insights from industry professionals.

A Community of Doers

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Start from where you are

Get learning support based on your specific needs: 


For beginners

Discover what it takes to start learning design and if it could be the path for you.


For growing designers

Foster your growth through foundational learning, portfolio-building projects, and meaningful practice. 


For businesses and orgs

Add graphic design and branding insights to your team or organization through practical trainings.

Awesome learning tools

Graphic design flashcards, books and more…

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