About Awesome Design Academy

Our mission is to empower beginners and early-stage learners with graphic design knowledge and skills.
We utilize design as a vehicle toward personal and professional freedom!

Complete a task

It could be as simple as saving the right file format or more complex like creating a layout

Overcome a challenge

Not sure how to create, execute or update a design? Find an answer through principles, software, or other resources.

Gain competency

Fill the gap between knowing and doing. Get more confidence to create or direct a design project.

Develop your journey

Keep growing your design skills for as far you'd like to go.

You are awesome…

Has anyone told you that lately?
Keep learning and keep growing. The world is waiting for your creativity.

Learning Values

We believe there's a formula to learn and retain your design skills.

Determination to complete a creative task, project or goal.

Willingness to try over and over to gain competence and confidence

Understanding that creating multiple versions of a design can lead to discovery, deeper thinking and diversity of solutions.

Attempting to reconstruct a successful existing design, not to copy someone else’s work, but to understand how elements work together to create good design

Creative cues all around us can incite ideas, excitement and the desire to create.

Now let's work!

You can learn anything. But you also need to use these six "P's of Learning"...


Practice makes progress! You didn't think you wouldn't need practice, did you?


Add a strategy to your work through a repeatable process


Design is visual problem-solving. Combine your creativity with critical thinking


Understanding the requirements of your design and then planning accordingly will set you up for success


This is essential! Have patience with the process, but more importantly with yourself when learning and implementing new concepts


Design isn't always easy—but staying the course will help you work through challenges and level-up in your understanding