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You Can with Canva Workshop

Learn how to create stunning marketing solutions for work, your business or for your personal projects.

Feb 13, 2024

For beginners  |  In-person

Graphic Design Fundamentals Masterclass

Discover what it takes to learn and apply graphic design

Feb 15, 2024

For beginners  |  Virtual

GDF: The Ultimate Beginner's Course

A comprehensive, self-guided beginner course to learn the foundations of graphic design.

At your own pace

For beginners  |  Self-guided

Design and Brand Training for Organizations

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You can't design without doing

Your secret weapon is practice

Great designers aren’t made overnight. They grow their creative muscle through consistent, intentional practice. Design by Doing removes the guesswork and provides you with meaningful prompts to help your build your skills around software, design principles, process, creativity and critical thinking.

You decide how far you want to take each prompt; sketch it, design it, or expand it as a project for your portfolio.

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Learning Products

Graphic Design Flashcards

This set of 78 beautifully illustrated flashcards covers a variety of graphic design terminology including color, typography, page layout, web and print terms, file formats and design principles.

25 Things You Should Know…

Interested in graphic design? Thinking about becoming a graphic designer? Discover 25 useful tips to jumpstarting your own graphic design career in this fun, illustrated and insightful book.

Design by Doing Sketchbooks

Ready to take action? Supplement your Design by Doing practice prompts with this accompanying sketchbook. Or, use it freeform however you'd like.


Design Insight

Design Insight gives an intimate look inside the world of design through the lens of over 50 designers who were gracious enough to share their experiences, successes, failures, opinions and stories.