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The key to learning design is continuous learning and consistent action. In this exclusive community, we will focus on flexing our muscles in these three specific areas: Learning, Doing, and Discussion.


Get access to The Ultimate Beginner’s Course, Portfolio Builder live classes, portfolio reviews and more…


Put what you learn into practice through weekly Design by Doing practice prompts and focused projects.


Partake in candid conversations with other learners and get insights from industry professionals.


Engage with other creatives who can help you, inspire you and support your growth.

Membership Includes:



The Ultimate Beginner's Course + Portfolio Building Classes

Start with a solid foundation of learning with our flagship course. Then move on to portfolio building classes to learn and implement design software, processes and strategies:

Go from an overwhelmed beginner to confidently kick-starting your graphic design journey with this self-guided course. Learn principles like typography, color, file formats, brand, the design process and much more.

This 6-week live course will teach you a repeatable graphic design process from start to finish, while you create a unique project for your creative portfolio. 

Interactive Portfolio Builder courses focus on creating diverse outputs, like:

  • Portfolio Builder: Logo edition
  • Portfolio Builder: Webpage edition
  • Portfolio Builder: Digital/social media  graphics edition
  • and more…

Get 1-1 feedback for your established portfolio, or get guidance to help you create your first portfolio by industry professionals.


Design by Doing

Weekly design prompts are delivered to your inbox to practice your skills and help build your experience. Prompts help you practice and express:

  • sketching skills
  • software skills
  • design principles
  • creativity
  • critical thinking

A new challenge is available each week to partake in. How much time you spend on each prompt is up to you.



Design Therapy

It’s time to get real and talk about the topics that truly effect designers.

Design Therapy is a monthly virtual meetup to discuss trending topics, share successes and frustrations, get support and give/get feedback on work. Topics include:

  • Trends and current design events
  • Building design skills and competence
  • Freelance wins and woes
  • Communications (visual, written, and spoken)
  • Pricing and compensation
  • Confidence, Imposter Syndrome, and comparison
  • Process: Insights and Tips
I had the privilege of working with Shannel for over a year. Her knowledge of the graphic design industry is impressive; her patience with me even more! I was out of the field of design for ten years and needed to get back into it to change up my journey. Her understanding, guidance and lessons are exactly what I needed. I know am able to design again with the confidence that I can do this.
Kent Sanford
Just thought I'd reach out and let you know I got a design job! I appreciate your encouragement in your past seminar.

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Join a community of doers
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  • Access to The Ultimate Beginner's Course
  • Design by Doing weekly practice prompts
  • Discounts to Portfolio Builder live classes
  • Monthly Design Therapy Group Call

Frequently Asked Questions

You get access the to the Ultimate Beginner’s Course to start learning graphic design, weekly practice prompts, monthly virtual meetups, and discounts on Portfolio Builder classes.

We meet virtually once a month for our Design Therapy meetup. But you can also chat with other members through our Discord community on a regular basis.

To start, you need a pen and paper, a working computer (Mac or PC) and Internet access. You don’t need Adobe Creative Cloud to get started but you will probably find it helpful as you advance.

It’s difficult to experience the full benefit of the program in just one month. Within a 3-month period, you’ll be able to get a better feel for what you can do and foster greater connections with others.

No results are guaranteed. Your personal effort and dedication are the deciding factors on how much you grow. But it’s our extreme hope that you will learn something new, be better prepared to reach your design goals,  and be enriched by being a member.

By policy, we don’t accept refund requests on the sale of digital goods, including the Ultimate Beginner’s course. We will offer a 48-hour grace period upon renewal periods for those who need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.

Of course! You will have a chance to refer others who you think would benefit after you join.