Graphic Design Fundamentals:
The Ultimate Beginner's Course

The ultimate, comprehensive and self-guided beginner course to start learning the foundations of graphic design quickly.

Graphic Design Flashcards

Learn the fundamentals of graphic design—fast! This set of 78 beautifully illustrated flashcards covers a variety of graphic design terminology including color, typography, page layout, web and print terms, file formats and design principles.

25 Things You Should Know Before Becoming a Graphic Designer

Interested in graphic design? Thinking about becoming a graphic designer? Discover 25 useful tips to jumpstarting your own graphic design career in this fun, illustrated and insightful book.

Design Insight:
Your Questions about Graphic Design, Authentically Answered by Real Designers

Design Insight gives an intimate look inside the world of design through the lens of over 50 designers who were gracious enough to share their experiences, successes, failures, opinions and stories.